Hannah Profile Thumb


9 hours ago

Lived in mustang for a few years now. Has pros and cons. Pros are that everything is included and has a pool. Cons are that the living space and kitchen are very small. There is no pantry in kitchen and very little cabinet space. Really only one person stuff with fit.

Aria Profile Thumb


17 hours ago

The experience thus far as a resident has been amazing. Very much top tier maintenance service and a great environment to live in. The amenities provided are superb.

Destiny Profile Thumb


1 day ago

It’s cool here. The Rent is affordable and it’s quiet most of the time. Only downside is dog poop everywhere from people not cleaning up after themselves

Zoe Profile Thumb


1 day ago

Good community, amenities are just a lil outdated and take awhile to fix. Other than that it’s a really good price for what you get, and the front office is super helpful and friendly.

Abigail Profile Thumb


3 days ago

I have enjoyed living here for the past many years. There were a few bumps at first with lots of maintenance requests, but they were all resolved eventually. I recommend living here to any college students, it's weird otherwise. The amenities are enjoyable. The staff is helpful for the most part. I particularly enjoy how isolated this apartment complex is and I've always felt safe here. There is a small wooded area behind the complex, attracting all types of critters. I've seen deer, rabbits, cats, raccoons, possums, rats, and frogs living their best lives. It always brings me joy to see them around. My cat also enjoys watching the birds in the morning time. Anyways, it's a pretty chill place. Neighbors can be rambunctious at times, but what else can they do in a town with nothing to do?

We are so glad to hear about all the things that make living here great for you! Thank you for this wonderful feedback!

Anistazia Profile Thumb


3 days ago

Great place and always willing to help with anything I need rather it be over the phone or in person. Would recommend living here to everybody

Thank you for your review! We hope you continue to enjoy your time here!

Karigan Profile Thumb


6 days ago

Can be a little noisy at times, as expected with any time in an apartment complex, but overall a good experience. The pool was great and my apartment was equipped with everything I needed as a college student.

If you ever have a noise complaint after hours, don't forget to call the office and put in a courtesy page-out! We do hope you enjoyed your experience here at Mustang Village!

Jhonae Profile Thumb


9 days ago

This is a very nice, and interesting place to live to say the least. Parking is great the gym is great, and the pool is really nice as well.

Thank you for leaving your honest feedback and we hope you can enjoy the pool now that the weather is getting better!