Ricki A. Profile Thumb

Ricki A.

2 days ago

love it here, the community is so nice and very peaceful. everyone is so friendly, and i haven’t had any problems yet with anyone or anything.

Kersten B. Profile Thumb

Kersten B.

4 days ago

I love it here. The atmosphere is exactly what I needed for my first place on my own. And the staff here are great also. And they could not have picked any better roommates for me. I highly recommend these apartments.

Malik H. Profile Thumb

Malik H.

5 days ago

I really enjoy staying great place to live with very nice apartments, and everything is very affordable and I wouldn’t want to ever go anywhere else

Noah M. Profile Thumb

Noah M.

5 days ago

The place is great minus the minor details inside the apartment especially if you live in an apartment where the residents before destoryed things

Ra Chanel B. Profile Thumb

Ra Chanel B.

5 days ago

It has been pretty cool here. Not too much noise and not many issues. I like the amount of space I have. I just wish i had more dining chairs. Other than that It was a good move 👍

Zoe N. Profile Thumb

Zoe N.

6 days ago

The Walls seem to be thin and it’s very easy to hear neighbors and the outside isn’t always the cleanest, but for a college town and for the price, I can’t complain.

Avery L. Profile Thumb

Avery L.

6 days ago

So far I am very pleased with living in Mustang Village. I am very happy with our apartment and the amenities are great. I am especially enjoying the swimming pool.

Jeffrey P. Profile Thumb

Jeffrey P.

6 days ago

It’s sweet! Love my room, the apartment is perfect. The pool is a decent touch. The speed bumps got fixed so that’s cool. The place is great👍🏽