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Christopher N. Profile Thumb

Christopher N.

4 days ago

The apartment complex is good to live in for college students. It’s fully furnished which helps out a lot and can be thankful enough for it.

Giselle C. Profile Thumb

Giselle C.

6 days ago

I enjoy the friendly staff in the office, the quiet environment and the apartments are very spacious and comfortable. The only issue I have is the dog poop everywhere

Miguel P. Profile Thumb

Miguel P.

7 days ago

Very peaceful environment and perfect commute to school. I love the beautiful pool area and sand volleyball area that my friends use on the weekends.

Carolynda W. Profile Thumb

Carolynda W.

8 days ago

Good place to live. Nice community, spacious, quiet, lots of amenities. The pool is pretty big and is a good place to hang out with friends in the summer.

Abigail S. Profile Thumb

Abigail S.

9 days ago

I love living here. It’s a beautiful apartment and everyone is always so extremely nice. It’s really been such a positive experience just being here.

Jose R. Profile Thumb

Jose R.

9 days ago

By far living out of campus and on my own here at Mustang Village has been amazing. It’s a very peaceful community and everyone just goes by living their own business. Love it!

Nickolai C. Profile Thumb

Nickolai C.

12 days ago

There are no complaints at all, had people over and they thought the place was very nice and they considered living here but not yet. There have been no problems with the apartment

Summer C. Profile Thumb

Summer C.

13 days ago

It’s been really good. I enjoy living here. There are minor things I don’t like hit that isn’t anything I stress over because I am grateful to have a place to live.