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21 hours ago

The most amazing and friendly staff's ever. Will do whatever it takes to comply with the requirements. I love this place so much. The housing is all bills paid, clean and well equipped.

Deborah A. Profile Thumb

Deborah A.

1 day ago

i love it here and my roommate are all cool even though i did not pick them and i hope they keep up the good works it sure worth every penny.

Don W. Profile Thumb

Don W.

3 days ago

Great people they take care of you and they understand. They have stuff got the apartment for everyone to join. This is a great place to stay

Vivian E. Profile Thumb

Vivian E.

7 days ago

Bin just there, just that the leasing agents need to be more specific and open in explaining things to people and tell us all the hidden charges, you just have to be extra careful with them and always hold ur receipt

Deena T. Profile Thumb

Deena T.

17 days ago

I really enjoy here at mustang village. It feels like i’m Living at school dorm . It is really cool and best place for the students. I liked what they provide and offer us .

Makayla S. Profile Thumb

Makayla S.

18 days ago

Very accommodating and a safe environment. I enjoy the pool and other facilities. Was given good roommates who were also students, so there is no struggle trying to study.

Meagan H. Profile Thumb

Meagan H.

19 days ago

Best off campus apartments I’ve seen and this my 3 year in town so I’ve seen quite a few apartments around town. A lot of my classmates live I mustang village, so it’s easy to locate or visit them.

Raina S. Profile Thumb

Raina S.

19 days ago

I have all good things to say about Mustang Village! all the staff is really nice and putting in service request is east and they respond promptly!