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Brylee G. Profile Thumb

Brylee G.

6 days ago

I am grateful to have nice roomates and a neighbor that I know. However the people above me party till 5am on a Wednesday. But over all I enjoy the atmosphere.

Glory E. Profile Thumb

Glory E.

14 days ago

Highly recommend! Neat and serene environment. People at the front desk are friendly and always ready to help. Living room decorations are pretty and the rooms are well-spaced.

Stanislas A. Profile Thumb

Stanislas A.

14 days ago

Convenient location near grocery stores, retail stores, restaurants. Wonderful amenities, i.e gym, swimming pool. Helpful staff and friendly and proactive when it comes to maintenance requests. However, it can be sometimes noisy with students partying a lot.

Stannis G. Profile Thumb

Stannis G.

14 days ago

I enjoy working mustang they are prompt with responding to technical issues. The workers in the office are friendly and always a phone call a away

Anne S. Profile Thumb

Anne S.

14 days ago

The apartment is good, but it’s definitely student housing. My door has a slash in it, paint on the desks, some water stains, etc. I heard the door issue was because of some people who lived upstairs before I moved in that had a party and ended up slicing peoples’ doors, which eventually got them evicted. Still worth it for the price of the apartment as I’m paying for it myself. As for the community, everyone I know who lives here is great. 5 stars there.

Natalie O. Profile Thumb

Natalie O.

14 days ago

Nice and quiet neighborhood. Suitable for students to study when one does not feel like going to the campus library. Also, Kelsey at the apartment office is nice and very efficient.

Marina L. Profile Thumb

Marina L.

15 days ago

I love it here! It is the best community for near school life. It is super close to campus and it is very convenient and close to everything else.