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Abigail D. Profile Thumb

Abigail D.

4 days ago

My experience would have been way better but our neighbors were inconsiderate for an entire semester and partied almost every night. As a nursing student that is the worst environment to live in.

Manosha R. Profile Thumb

Manosha R.

4 days ago

It a good place to live, I never had any issues with maintenance or anything other than the staff, I wish the staff was more friendly and easy to talk to. Other than that I love the apartment.

Beyandra B. Profile Thumb

Beyandra B.

4 days ago

No complaints, would definitely recommend. The best parts are not having to worry about bills once rent is paid, and how quickly the maintenance team responds to a work order.

Brittney F. Profile Thumb

Brittney F.

14 days ago

So far so good. Everyone seem friendly the environment here is good. I’ve seen my friends and we’re all ok close proximity. I would definitely recommend another friend to come here.

Breana P. Profile Thumb

Breana P.

23 days ago

Love it here! The staff are great and stay on top of issues. I definitely recommend mustang village to anyone wanting to experience living on their own for the first time.

Dainia B. Profile Thumb

Dainia B.

24 days ago

Good Vibes, can’t complain although the consultant i spoke too wasn’t very accurate with figures but it was fine overall. Also the community is clean

Crege L. Profile Thumb

Crege L.

25 days ago

Great place for students. My experience has been okay so far. I have been living at Mustang Village for about 2 years now. The amenities are great, and the service is good. Few hiccups here and there but overall good place to stay.

Aaron P. Profile Thumb

Aaron P.

27 days ago

Good place. Highly recommend. Great staff. Roommates are chill. Haven’t had any problems. It’s really affordable. The shuttle bus is clutch for school at MSu